Contemporary Ethical Issues Facing Law Enforcement Professionals Workshop

August 4, 2023

In July 2023, Ken Abrams, owner of Tactical52 presented a workshop on Contemporary Ethical Issues facing Law Enforcement Professionals, at NOBLE’s 47th Annual Training Conference and Exhibition held in Cleveland, Ohio. NOBLE is the acronym for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, established in September 1976.

The conference is a gathering of leaders from across the world that encompasses law enforcement, corporate, government, education, and civic industries. Over 1,400 attendees will participate in training workshops, youth leadership training, business meetings, regional caucuses, plenaries, and award celebrations.

The collage of photos and enclosed video clips encapsulate Ken delivering his ‘Call to Action’ message to attendees who participated in his workshop, and engagement during the conference.


    1. Ken Abrams stands next to a Conference marquee showcasing the workshop schedules and training agendas.
    2. Ken presents his Opening comments.
    3. In this photo (below), he shares a light moment with the attendees during the workshop.
    4. After the workshop, he and a small group confer and briefly discuss the ethical influences involved in visionary leadership, strategic planning, and forward thinking processes for law enforcement professionals.
    5. In this photo, Ken is flanked (to his left) by Dr. Sophine Charles, Director of Preventive Services, Policy & Practice Council for Family and Child Caring Agencies (City of New York); she is also an Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City; also pictured in the group (at the far right) – Mr. Kristian Gutierrez, Chief Executive Officer for Civic Eye. Civic Eye is a high tech (cloud) software provider for the law enforcement community.
    6. Group photo