Cultivating Partnerships with U.S. and International Law Enforcement

October 4, 2023

Tactical52 founder Ken Abrams engaging with U.S and International Law Enforcement professionals to build trust, respect and provide a pathway to cultivating partnerships.

As a private citizen, retired DEA Special Agent, and business owner Ken Abrams maintains close liaison with law enforcement professionals; in the below photo, he poses with Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) Police Officers and a K-9 unit at Dulles International Airport prior to traveling overseas for a family vacation.

Early in his DEA career, he was assigned to the Washington Division’s Airport Interdiction group responsible for enforcing federal drug laws at Reagan National and Dulles Airports, including all major transportation systems in the Washington metropolitan area.

Ken Abrams (left) and a Romanian National Police Officer (right)

Ken Abrams (middle) and Romanian Law Enforcement Officers (left and right)

While on vacation, Ken spent time engaging with and taking a few photographs with Romanian law enforcement officers in Bucharest, Romania.  The Romanian law enforcement agencies consists of 3 primary organizations, the Romanian National Police, the Border Patrol, and Jandarmerica (Gendarmerie).


Ken Abrams (right middle) and elite members of the Jandarmerica Agency

Jandarmerica members are tasked with conducting high-risk and specialized law enforcement duties. In 2012 – 2013, Ken served as DEA’s Country Attaché in Bucharest, Romania.