Law Enforcement Training For The 21St Century

A ground-breaking approach to law enforcement ethics and professional policing

About Tactical 52

Law Enforcement Training

Founded by United States Air Force veteran Ken Abrams, Tactical 52 is a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in training for law enforcement professionals at the local, state, and federal level.

Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies today are faced with a challenging and progressively complex policing environment. An increase in public scrutiny, combined with rising crime rates, make an effective training program more important than ever before. Founded and led by former DEA agent and veteran training instructor Ken Abrams, Tactical 52 is prepared to help your agency navigate the complexities of today’s law enforcement environment.

Mission & Vision

The innovative Tactical 52 training program focuses on law enforcement ethics, the moral bearing of individual officers, and achieving professional integrity in policing’s new normal. The primary goal of the program is to show law enforcement professionals how to use ethical decision making in their daily encounters, situational challenges, and career endeavors.

Course Overview

Ethics Course

Students will learn the fundamental principles of ethics in policing and the importance of maintaining a higher ethical standard as a law enforcement professional.

Leadership Course

Designed for high ranking (C-Level) leadership in law enforcement agencies at all levels, this course will help participants tap into their leadership style and successfully employ it in their specific agency culture.

De-Escalation Course

Customized to fit the requirements of each agency enrolled, this course will cover successful de-escalation techniques that work in real world policing situations.

Key Training Program Elements

Examination of contemporary and real-world situations
Examination of the current ethical climate in American society
Instructor lead lectures, class discussions, practical exercises, surveys, and self-assessment
Ethics-based law enforcement case studies
Challenge current pre-conceived ideas, opinions and behaviors
Development of strategies to counter current institutions and organizations in discord with law enforcement.